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Modern Magic for all Occasions

Who We Are

Hello! My name is Doug Eash. My interest in Magic began when I was 12 years old. I first became a Magician because I thought it was Just Plain COOL!

Once, after performing for the children at a Children's Hospital, a staff member told me of a young girl who could not come to the show because she couldn't be moved from her bed. The girl was from Ecuador and spoke no English. At her young age  she had suffered more than any little girl should have to deal with in a entire lifetime. Now she couldn't even go to see the Magic Show! When I went to her room and did a special bedside show for her and her mother I was rewarded with the biggest smile I have ever seen - her first in the 18 months since her accident.

I continue to perform today to see the look of Joy and Wonder in the eyes of my audiences.
I may not have known it back in 1972, but THAT is real reason I became a Magician ! ! ! 

Why Us?

My shows emphasize Entertainment along with lots of Laughter, Amazement and Joy! My Magic is a shared journey into the world of wonder, limited only by our imagination!

I have performed one on one; for small groups in living rooms and in back yards; 
surrounded in the middle of the court as the half-time entertainment of a semi-pro basketball game; at Children's Hospitals and Retirement Homes: and before a packed theater of over 3,500.

I have performed for audiences of all ages from Kindergarteners to those "Young at Heart" at Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Often Funny. Sometimes Educational. Always Entertaining! IT'S MAGIC!