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Modern Magic for all Occasions

Adults love Magic too! Add a special touch to your next "Party for the Big Kids".

Bar Magic:
Much more than simple "Bar Stunts" your patrons will be delighted by Mystifying and Fun Magic happening right in front of their eyes! Sophisticated and Fun, this is Entertainment that always delights.

Cocktail Parties:
As with Bar Magic above, your guests will be entertained with Magic that happens often literally in their hands! Cards. Coins and other everyday objects are the Props. Mystery, Fun and Entertainment are the results!

Jack & Jill Parties:
For these events the show is a combination of a "Mini" Stage Show and Close-up/Strolling Magic. The highlight of the show is when the guests of honor are invited to join the act! Both the Bride and Groom "volunteer" (they may need a bit of coaxing) as assistants, each for their own very special trick! While this is not "send the kiddies to bed first" entertainment, the jokes can be a little more risqué and as a good friend and colleague is fond of saying "Hey, if the kids get the joke it's the parents fault, not mine!"