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Modern Magic for all Occasions

Incredible Stuff:

When we asked Doug Eash and his “It’s Magic!” Show to perform for the staff and children at our business we assumed we knew what we were getting: a typical magic show.

Boy, were we pleasantly surprised when we discovered that Doug’s show offered us so much more than the typical magic show!

There were surprises at every turn…old magic tricks with new twists…new magic tricks that still have us scratching our heads as to how he did it…humor, that was clean and always funny…and an ending that took our breath away.

Doug connects with his audience in a way that makes us want to see what he’s got up his sleeve. He pulls us into his world of magic and makes us cheer for him because it’s so clear that he thoroughly enjoys what he does. While a seriously accomplished Magician who can speak to the highly technical aspects of any trick, Doug simultaneously channels the genuine awe and wonderment about magic that makes every child sit up in their seat and ask in wonderment: “How did he do that?”

I strongly recommend Doug Eash and his “It’s Magic” show.  Incredible incredible Magician.

-Mark R. Ailinger, NHA


Linda Manor Extended Care Facility